Fjord horse for sale

Discovering a Fjord horse for sale can some of the time be troublesome. They are depicted as the ‘ideal family’ horse which makes them an uncommon however famous variety. There are numerous reasons why this variety is so particular making discovering a Fjord horse for sale troublesome. The Fjord horse is sufficient for hefty work, like furrowing fields or pulling wood, yet light and lithe enough to be a decent riding and driving horse. They are likewise certain footed in the mountains. Today, the Fjord horse is a top choice as its by and large gentle demeanor and little size make it appropriate for the two kids and grown-ups the same.

The Fjord is prestigious for its exceptional quiet and even temper and therefore it tends to be dealt with by practically any individual from the family, making it the ideal family horse of today


The Fjord horse for sale are one of the world’s most established and most perfect varieties. Horses were known to exist in Norway toward the finish of the last ice age. It is accepted that the progenitors of the advanced Fjord horse moved to Norway and were trained more than 4,000 years prior. Archeological unearthings at Viking entombment locales demonstrate that the Fjord horse type has been specifically reproduced for at any rate 2,000 years. The Fjord horse and its precursors have been utilized for many years as livestock in western Norway. Indeed, even as late as World War II, they were valuable for work in bumpy territory.

The initial reported Fjord to come into Great Britain was imported from Norway by Jennifer Murray’s grandparents around 1910. The Fjord they imported was abundantly adored by the family and was frequently seen all over town being driven in the Northumberland open country. It caused incredible interest any place it went. Scarcely anybody had seen a Fjord before.

Breed Standards: Norwegian fjord horse for sale

It is a lithe variety of light draft horse assemble.

All Norwegian fjord horse for sale are dun in shading, with five varieties in conceal perceived in the variety standard.

Numerous Norwegian fjord horse have crude markings with unmistakable level zebra markings on legs. The forelegs are normally more intensely checked. Little dim imprints can be seen preposterous, particularly in dark duns.

A noticeable dorsal stripe runs from the survey to the tail. The mane hairs are dim in the middle and the external hairs are light, regularly blonde. In red and yellow duns, the mane hairs are now and again of a uniform tone

A white star isn’t supported yet is satisfactory. White on the legs isn’t passable.

Ears can have dull frameworks and tips.

Hooves are consistently dim.

The ideal stature should go from 13.1 to 14.3 hands (135cm to 150cm)

It is crucial that anybody rearing Fjords clings rigorously to the standards above to guarantee the continuation of the Fjord as reproduced and controlled in its local Scandinavia.

Norwegian fjord horse for sale

Norwegian fjord horse for sale. average purchase price of one of our brood-mares (as of May 2012) is $8,000. On average, each horse costs $1200 per year to feed, trim, vaccinate, de-worm, etc. Our stallions are both imports of extremely high quality, and represent a major investment in time and money.

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